BlackStar Denim Limited

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Our Mission

The mission of BlackStar Denim is to enter into the premium denim market for men and women.   We would like to build a strong brand in the Premium Denim market domestically, then internationally and use the slogan "The sun will never set" on BlackStar Denim jeans.


Our vision, to remaining true to the ideal "Wabi‐sabi," loosely translated as, "elegant simplicity and subdued taste" and hand‐craft our jeans, which describes the foundation of what our jeans are beautiful Japanese, Chinese or American selvage indigo denim that ages beautifully with time and made the old way!

Company Summary

BlackStar Denim was founded by Shawn D. Jones and Josette L Breazell‐Jones, husband and wife fabric and clothes designers in 2008.   We have combined Shawn’s love of tailoring, denim and street wear with Josette’s love of sewing, knitting, and embroidery to produce our cultural and trendy line.

Josette worked for Levi Strauss as a Senior Pattern‐maker at the old Levi’s factory in Johnson City, Tennessee, while she was employed at the international headquarters of Levi Strauss in San Francisco, California.

Shawn worked as a fashion stylist for movies and videos.  He made custom tailored suits for an exclusive client.

At BlackStar Denim, we use natural resources to make our jeans.  Our focus is on quality and attention to details.  Our selvage jeans are made from denim woven on old style shuttle looms in Japan, China and America.  In the past, manufacturers abandoned this slower and more costly method 40 years ago in favor of faster, more efficient projectile looms.  However, denim woven on antique looms is much stronger and has unique qualities which include the rich dark finishes that become more beautiful as you wear the fabric.

BlackStar Denim is a small‐batch denim manufacturer.  Each pair of our jeans is handcrafted the old way.  With the love for rare and unique materials, each batch is limited and unique in its own production run.  We create production quantities of 100 ‐ 300 in each style to ensure our customers receive a limited‐edition high quality product.

As we grow, we will offer even more options to give our customers and clients a variety of styles and fabrics.  Our fabric choices range from 12.75 ounces to 18 ounces saniforized selvage denim that is "pre-shrunk."  Therefore, these denims do not need to be sized up or down.  Accordingly, our clothes shall continue to be manufactured from denim that will always be available and is assembled from American, Chinese and Japanese fabrics quantities.

We believe in jeans made the old fashion way!